City of Elko Residential Recycling

July 15, 2014

City of Elko Recycling

Elko Sanitation is in the process of educating our recycling customers in the City of Elko.

The smallest amount of non-recyclable material can contaminate an entire load of recycling. We are checking recycling carts prior to emptying them and we are not emptying carts with contamination present. If your recycling was not emptied please read the educational material that was placed on it and correct any issues prior to your next service day.

Please remember that cardboard must be flattened and cut down to 3’x3’. We do not accept yard debris, wood, glass or any other household trash in our recycling carts and plastic must have a recycling symbol otherwise we are unable to recycle it. 

The recycling drop off area at our office (355 W Silver Street, Elko, NV) is for residential customers only. Commercial businesses are not allowed to drop off recycling at our facility.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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